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We, toworq UG ("Company" or "Platform"), declare as the data controller that your personal data will be recorded, stored, kept, reorganized as well as being shared with the institutions authorized by law which request this personal data and transferred and assigned to domestic or foreign third parties  and classified within the scope of the purpose requiring their process and in connection with this purpose in a limited and measured manner, and by maintaining the accuracy and up-to-dateness of personal data in the way we were notified by you or others and will be processed in other ways listed in the Personal Data Protection Law (hereinafter referred to as "PDPL") within the scope of our business relations or within our business relation particularly with you;

We would like to declare that your personal data, which we have mentioned below and provided by your esteemed side to us and which we have obtained due to different situations within the scope of our legal relations related to your personal data, will be recorded, stored, kept and reorganized in the following ways under any circumstances: 

•    within the scope of the purpose requiring their processing and in connection with this purpose and in a limited and measured manner,
•    maintaining the accuracy and up-to-date of personal data in the way we were notified by you or others 
•    and shared with the institutions authorized by law to request this personal data and will be transferred and assigned to domestic or foreign third parties in the way stipulated by PDPL and will be classified and processed in other ways listed in the PDPL
The information specified in this Clarification Text and its processing are transactions that are valid as long as you make transactions online on the Platform. We would like to point out that, transactions other doing online transactions, such as the posts you will send after downloading your CV are outside the control of

•    Identity data; Your name, surname, date and place of birth, gender, marital status, nationality
•    Communication data; Your e-mail address, address, mobile phone number 
•    Sensitive personal data; If you include it in your CV, information regarding your association, foundation, union, political party memberships, information as to your religious or philosophical view, ethnicity and race, or information which may constitute an opinion on these issued, information about your health or your personal which are recorded in the automatic voice recording system on the support line,
•    Educational data; Educational status, certificate and diploma details, specialization details, foreign language knowledge, education and skills, seminars and courses attended, computer knowledge, examination details
•    Work experience data; Total experience, working status and title, work experiences (company names, periods of employment, job description)
•     Visual and audio data; Personal photo and sound recordings
•    Website/Application usage data; Membership date, applications made/application level, frequency/times of logging in to the website, ios/android/mobile website /website user, date of updating, preferred jobs to work, cities, business messenger/registered criteria, blocked companies, employment status (yes/no), candidate sector name, last login date, last message date, application deleted (yes/no), last message level, last message position, last message sector, last message company, last job level, information from candidate's mobile phone if he/she has called the advertisement number or not, information as to the use of the applications (every movement and selection made in the application), IP, Device ID, operator information used, device information (version-model)
•    Other data: Driver's license data, competencies, hobby, salary expectation, military status, reference details (name, surname, title, workplace, phone, e-mail of the reference person) and any kind of word, excel and presentation files, Profile ID, Login ID, IP address and log records and the username/email/forwarding day information of the user who makes the transaction while being directed to the address determined by the relevant employer in order to realize the application for the employers who manage the application process in their infrastructures

Your aforementioned data will be stored in our systems for five years from the last date you accessed the system with your username and password in accordance with the legal legislation we are subject to due to the employment mediation activity of our employment agency.

Disability status information asked to you during the creation of a CV in our systems is personal data due to its being health data. Since the information in question is subject to the Company's Active Labor Services Regulation, it is requested from you so as to introduce  the groups that require special policy mentioned in paragraph 1 of Article 4, paragraph u) into the labor market.  If you do not prefer to share the information in question and if you need to be employed as a disabled candidate, In this case you have limited the employment service provided by by your own will since the employer has not obtained sufficient information. Similarly, the gender question asked to you during your CV preparation is conveyed to you within the scope of the Circular on Increasing Women's Employment and Ensuring Equal Opportunities.

In addition to the ones mentioned here, we process your personal data that you provide in the fields you fill in manually during CV preparation by recording it in your CV.  In this context, we recommend that you do not enter your personal information in the fields that are filled in manually, unless you choose to grant PDPL permission.

In order to assist you in your job search, we also process the information contained in the files you upload using your file upload feature to your account, which we offer as a function. Although it is your option to use this feature, we recommend that you do not keep any information that you do not want to be processed in these files.

Your personal data mentioned above is processed for the following purposes for the execution of this Service Agreement concluded as regards the employment service we provide your esteemed side:
•    Creating employment and supporting your recruitment process
•    To match your personal data shared by you with customer announcements in order to find you a job and ensure that our employer customers reach the right candidate 
•    To transfer your CV to the Employer Customer if you make application or select the option that your resume will be visible to all employers.
•    To answer your calls and meet your support needs
•    If there is a complaint about the services we provide, to settle that complaint
•    To review your account upon your request or in case of receiving complaints on social media
•    To make budget management and reporting
•    To increase our service quality and provide service control
•    To share your personal data, including your sensitive personal data in your CV, with its attachments, with your employer (s) in line with your sharing preferences as stated in Section 3 of the Service Agreement in order to provide you with our employment service.
•    We transfer your personal data, including your sensitive personal data in your CV, with its attachments in line with your sharing preferences to our domestic and/or foreign-based member employers’ user accounts we open in our system under their company. Furthermore, your personal data can be viewed by those who visit our Platform in line with your sharing preferences. In addition, people who access your CV can save your CV to their own data recording systems in line with your sharing preferences.
•    When the data you share on the platform with the conditions specified hereinabove are processed by the member employer in any way, the member employer becomes the data controller. Our Company will forward your request to the relevant party if you have a request to the employer regarding your data made available to the employer in question. Furthermore, in cases where the customer transfers your data obtained through to his own systems, the employer has the responsibility of fulfilling the request regarding your transferred information since the employer customer has become the data controller. In case the member employer wants to use your data after the member employer’s agreement with the Company is over, the employer can contact you and request your permission.
•    In the same way, if you wish to delete, destroy and/or anonymize the normal and/or sensitive personal data transferred to the employer customer, you can forward this request to our Company. While we are evaluating your request, if our service contract with the said employer is continuing, we also forward this request to the member employer. In addition, if our service contract with the member employer has expired, you will be informed about this matter.  In the event that our agreement period with the member employer expires, the employer in question is responsible for the information he/she receives through our systems, therefore, you must directly submit your requests for the employer systems to the advertiser company upon on our informing you on this issue. The Company has no responsibility or liability for these issues. .

We do our best for continuous improvement and progress in order to provide the service we furnish to your esteemed side in the best way. We can process your personal data as follows to this end:

•    To perform market interpretation, sales, marketing analysis, managerial analysis, financing planning, and to interpret site usage
•    To increase the quality of the service we furnish to your esteemed side and ensure quality control
•    To send mass e-mail and SMS to help you make application
•    To develop our current and R&D-phase practices and market the product in the management process.
•    To support our employer customers at home and abroad only when necessary.
•     To increase the sales of services for our employer customers, and ensure the realization of marketing and customer satisfaction analysis
•    If you apply to our Company, we process your data for the following purposes in order to evaluate your job application which  is necessary for conclusion of an employment agreement between the candidate employee/candidate employer and the Company:
•    Recruiting new staff, examining candidates and identifying new candidates to be employed
•    Sharing the notes on your CV with the manager so that the manager can better understand and recognize the candidate.
•    To verify how much you match the position and save your CV information for future confirmation
•     Finally, we have an obligation to share your personal data when we are asked to share them through legal requests such as prosecution requests and court orders, and in accordance with the current legal regulations we are subject to. Furthermore, if your personal data is subject to a conflict to which we are a party, we may need to share them with lawyers, experts, courts and individuals in order to exercise our right to defense. We can process your personal data in order to fulfill these legal obligations and again to exercise our right to defense.
It is of your responsibility to inform the person concerned and obtain his/her explicit consent (s) for personal data (name, surname, telephone, e-mail, etc.) of the reference person (s) you have specified in your resume. You agree that such permissions are obtained by you when you create profile and CV in our systems and/or share information such as reference person, etc., third party trade secrets and/or confidential information. reserves its legal rights against any administrative and/or criminal sanctions to be directed to in this regard.

•    We collect your personal data in order to fulfill our legal obligations as a company, to conclude the employment service agreement between if you apply to our Company and in order that you can transfer your personal data to us -in physical and/or electronic environment- which we request from you for the legitimate interest of our Company and in order that you can enter information, audio and video to our platforms and you can enter information open to third parties in the internet environment.
•    We collect your personal data through the sound recordings we have obtained during our phone calls in line with the legitimate interest of the Company to increase customer satisfaction by supporting you.
We collect your personal data through the cookies used on our website as detailed in our Cookie Policy in order to improve our company's platform and make it more effective in line with the legitimate interest of our Company 

We do our best for continuous improvement and progress in order to provide the service we furnish to your esteemed side in the best way. To this end, we transfer your personal data to third parties at home and/or abroad as follows:
In addition to the above proceedings, your personal data is shared with the individuals/institutions that view the candidate's CV when it is displayed.
•    Your CV is shared by transferring to third parties in line with your preferences.
•    In case you prefer to be informed about our campaigns and promotions, we transfer your personal data, including your contact information, to our contracted suppliers at home and who we provide the related services in order that we can send you mass e-mail.
•    We transfer your personal data collected under our Cookie Policy to parties such as data controller/data processor in order that they can  analyze user movement data (such as places of clicking, duration of visit, etc.) within the website.
•    We transfer your relevant personal data, including your personal data, to help you out of our working hours, to the Call Centers (the call centers that provide a support line) to our contracted partner.
•    We utilize the systems of suppliers such as Emarsys, Insider, Google Analytics, etc. for sales, marketing and reporting depending upon your preferences of activities regarding communication, improving service quality and product development. 
•     We transfer your personal data with your CV to our affiliated or partner companies we work with for job evaluations if your application to the Company is evaluated negatively.
•    We transfer your personal data including your sensitive personal data with your CV and the annexes thereof to third party suppliers (HR firms, consultants and etc.) based on your preference of whom you want your personal data to be displayed.
•    If the company you are applying for is the part of  a group of companies, we share your personal data with other group companies that this company is affiliated with which are also our employer member.

You have the following rights according to Article 11 of the PDPL related to your personal data provided that you prove your identity personally to us:
•    To learn if the company has processed personal data about you or not, if so, to request information about it
•    To learn the purpose of your personal data’s being processed and whether they are used in accordance with their purpose or not
•    To learn whether your personal data is transferred to third parties at home or abroad and to whom if so.
•    Furthermore, you also have the right to request from the Company to correct your incorrect and incomplete personal data and to inform the recipients to whom your data have been transferred.

You can request your personal data to be destroyed (deleted, destroyed or anonymized) from the Company within the framework of the conditions stipulated in article 7 of the PDPL. You can also request that third parties to whom the data are transferred or can be transferred are informed about your destruction request in question. However, which method is suitable will be evaluated by us according to the conditions of the concrete event by evaluating your request for destruction. In this context, you can always ask for information about why we chose such method of destruction.

You can object to the results of your personal data analysis, which are created using an automated system exclusively, if these results are against your benefits.

If your personal data is processed illegally and if you suffer a loss you may request that loss be compensated .
Your requests in your application will be concluded free of charge within thirty days at the latest depending on the nature of the request. However, in the event that the transaction requires a separate cost for the Company, the fee determined by the Personal Data Protection Board in the Communiqué Regarding the Application Procedures and Principles to the Data Officer may be charged.

You must submit application matters as to processing of your personal data, by filling out the application form which is the annex of this Clarification Text, the existing application form, in writing or by using  by using your registered electronic mail (REM) address, secure electronic signature, mobile signature or your electronic mail address that you previously informed us and submit it to our Company. According to the nature of your request and your application method, additional verifications (such as sending a message to your registered phone, calling you) may be requested by the Company to determine whether the application belongs to you and thus to protect your rights.. For example, if you apply through your e-mail address registered in the Company, we can contact you using another contact method registered in the Company and ask for confirmation of the application..

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